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Ohio Inter-Service Family Assistance Committee (ISFAC) is a state level committee of regional, state, and federal agencies and organizations that meet quarterly to collaborate and align resources in support of Ohio troops and military families.

The key concept behind these meetings is to build a trusting relationship between military units and organizations by providing a platform to:

  • discuss particular military struggles & success with the intent of illuminating areas where support is needed – which in turn, provide an opportunity for attending support organizations to respond to the calls for support;
  • introduce, or follow up on, initiatives that support the military population; and
  • allow for direct coordination and introductions through networking.

The ISFAC efforts to align resources is augmented at the local level by four Regional Inter-Service Family Assistance Committees (RISFACs) that venture to generate local partnerships that include leadership from local military units and family readiness volunteers, local governmental and non-governmental agencies, volunteer organizations, and local chapters of Veteran Service Organizations (VSOs).


To support, offer assistance, and act as a conduit to resources for all Ohio service members, Veterans, and military families.


To connect the military community with national, state, regional and local community resources as well as volunteer support opportunities.


  • Raise awareness of military family needs
  • Build collaborative relationships with partner organizations
  • Sync resources and services to effectively address identified needs